Sunday, November 15, 2009

So many stresses...


School is KILLING me. No, wait, this CLASS is killing me. Historiography. The absolute bane of my existence. I had a rough draft for my first paper due last week and I still haven't done it. Someone told me that he wasn't actually grading it but I just got an email from the professor wondering where it is. Crap. Maybe it's because I no longer need this class since I changed majors or maybe it's because this class is beyond boring and pointless but I just can't bring myself to do this paper. I have my sources and my topic picked but actually writing it? I just can't seem to do it. It's good for all my other classes though, I'm WAY ahead on my readings in them just to put off this paper. I know I have to do it and I WILL get it done in time for the actual deadline but gosh, I just can't bring myself to write it now when he's not even going to grade it! I really wish he was a disinterested professor who didn't really invest in the success of his students. Darn these caring people!


So my dog has been super cute lately. She just recently started sleeping in the chair in my room ALL the time now and I love it because she never used to like that chair. Although I don't think she's too fond of my taking her picture....

I also bought her this cute christmas collar with bells on it for her to wear. She just jingles all the way around the house. I also bought this crazy singing stuffed animal thinking it would drive her nuts but she's all "meh" about it. She's so hard to please.


This is actually one of my favorite games if only for the fact that it makes me giggle constantly. (Kicking people?! Count me in!) I can't say there is one character that I hate in this game. They're all charming and I want to go live with all of them. I never really got the handle on the combat or on the links, but I think maybe I'm just stupid. Running around recruiting dozens and dozens of characters is a lot more fun than it sounds and the actual quests are interesting as well. I wish I could have had more time leading my squad before I had to make THE BIG DECISION but I'm not picking. I just love how silly this game can be. It's perfect for a gal like me.

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