Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, Juli told me to get a blog. Although that was a while ago but I'm sitting here bored so why not. I mean, I just have so many fascinating stories to share. -_- Maybe I'll use this to talk about video games. Lord knows that nobody else will talk about them and my parents already think I'm nuts. I'm sure I will find something interesting to say.


I decided that it would be fun for my parents and me to play Would You Rather today since it has been such a boring day anyways. I didn't know how difficult this was going to turn out to be. First, my mother just could not get the directions. No amount of explaining could enlighten her to what the heck was going on. I think she just spent the entire game in a daze, nodding whenever someone said her name. Secondly, my father just can't do anything seriously. Not that the game is meant to be serious but for goodness sake, flinging the die around, watching the sopranos instead of the game, and singing random songs in Italian is not really the most helpful thing to do when your trying to play a game. Anyways, we never finished because they both quit. Goodness gracious.


Alright, so I LOVE Assassin's Creed. I know, I know. I'm jumping on this game a little late but it is seriously great. I love jumping around the rooftops, in third person no less! (I hated Mirror's Edge. How the hell am I supposed to navigate someone across buildings in first person? I can barely aim a gun in that perspective, let alone fling myself off a roof.) I think the random citizens are my favorite part of the game. How they react to you when your flying around is perfect. "What the hell is he doing?" "If he hurts himself, I'm NOT helping." The only thing I can't stand is how sometimes I'll try and hurl myself up a wall to get away from the guards and I somehow end up flying through the air in the opposite direction, usually landing on crowds of people. The beggars and drunks (or are they insane people?) are also TERRIBLE. They were cool the first two times, but after that I just kept assassinating them regardless of the penalty. I'm sure they aren't THAT innocent.


This semester has been pretty tough for me. I have a class that is just absolutely unbearable. The textbook is the most boring and dull thing I have ever read so I'm really behind on the readings. No offense to my professor or anything but, I just do not learn anything in his class. He doesn't teach in a way that helps me learn. I'm more of a "Just lay the facts on me" type of gal and he's all about "looking below the surface". He actually says that constantly, complete with ocean wave hand signals. The bad thing is that his class is required for my major so... I kinda.. just... changed my major! :) I'm officially an art history major now which is really weird but you know, I got A's in both of the art history classes I've taken, so I'm kinda great at it. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?! Anyways, that is the story for now! I'm going to go eat a cookie.


  1. I hated Assassin's Creed.
    Repetitive missions. Annoying main character. Wonky controls. The world felt kinda dead to me, too. Getting from point A to point B climbing on rooftops is fun, but there were a lotta times I wanted to punch someone in the face because getting from point A to point B over rooftops was a huuuuge hassle.
    Maybe the second one will be better.

    And good for art history! I approve.

  2. WHAT?! I don't understand you.

    Sure it was repetitive but it always repeated things I liked doing anyway. The world dead? It was like every character was just like me! When what I thought was a boring npc said "The only that would've been better than that was if he'd hurt himself", I knew that I found an npc I could relate to. :P

  3. YOU GOT A BLOG!!!! I'm ecstatic. And I cannot even convey how much I love the name. ...This means I have to blog soon so that I can direct people to yours. YOU'RE BLAAAAAAGING ABOUT YOUR LIFE.