Sunday, November 15, 2009

So many stresses...


School is KILLING me. No, wait, this CLASS is killing me. Historiography. The absolute bane of my existence. I had a rough draft for my first paper due last week and I still haven't done it. Someone told me that he wasn't actually grading it but I just got an email from the professor wondering where it is. Crap. Maybe it's because I no longer need this class since I changed majors or maybe it's because this class is beyond boring and pointless but I just can't bring myself to do this paper. I have my sources and my topic picked but actually writing it? I just can't seem to do it. It's good for all my other classes though, I'm WAY ahead on my readings in them just to put off this paper. I know I have to do it and I WILL get it done in time for the actual deadline but gosh, I just can't bring myself to write it now when he's not even going to grade it! I really wish he was a disinterested professor who didn't really invest in the success of his students. Darn these caring people!


So my dog has been super cute lately. She just recently started sleeping in the chair in my room ALL the time now and I love it because she never used to like that chair. Although I don't think she's too fond of my taking her picture....

I also bought her this cute christmas collar with bells on it for her to wear. She just jingles all the way around the house. I also bought this crazy singing stuffed animal thinking it would drive her nuts but she's all "meh" about it. She's so hard to please.


This is actually one of my favorite games if only for the fact that it makes me giggle constantly. (Kicking people?! Count me in!) I can't say there is one character that I hate in this game. They're all charming and I want to go live with all of them. I never really got the handle on the combat or on the links, but I think maybe I'm just stupid. Running around recruiting dozens and dozens of characters is a lot more fun than it sounds and the actual quests are interesting as well. I wish I could have had more time leading my squad before I had to make THE BIG DECISION but I'm not picking. I just love how silly this game can be. It's perfect for a gal like me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins - Quick Thoughts!


I had preordered Dragon Age: Origins a while ago and Nov. 3rd FINALLY came and I got to play the game I have been waiting so long for. I have already logged close to 24 hours in the game and I doubt I'm even half way through it. All I know is that it is amazing. I love rpg's. I mean, I love video games in general, but holy hell, rpg's are the best kind. Throw in a little dark fantasy into the mix and I'm a fangirl of the game for life.

Also, it's super safe to read this, in case you don't want to be spoiled!

The game is SUPER dialogue heavy and your character responds quite a lot and you have a variety of ways to respond as well. There are the normal "good" responses and also the "bad" ones but there are a lot of others as well, that make you feel like you're really creating someone unique. The main quests are pretty complex as well. They all have different ways to solve a problem with no clear cut answer. You might be persuaded go about something one way and the next minute, you no longer think it's best. I just love how deep things are and they made me stop to say, "Oh no, what do I do?!" more than once. I wish the lesser, random quests were as deep. They're usually "Go here. Fight. Come back" kind of quests, but they aren't that bad and reading the background of thethem can be interesting.

I also thought I would hate combat but it's actually pretty fun. I'm really bad at strategic battles and that's what you have to do in this game to survive (unless you play on easy), but it turned out to be really easy to get used to. It is really fun recruiting characters and then being able to use their ability. More often than not, I switch to my mage/healer ally to do the heavy hitting and when I fought the first High Dragon, my main character went down really fast so I finished the dragon off with just my mages alone. Learning all the intricities of the combat system took forever for me, but I got the handle of it eventually and I was soon taking down dragons and darkspawn like nobody's business!

The only thing that I don't like are the graphics. They sure aren't terrible but, come on, this is a 2009 game and it looks drab and shabby compared to 2006's Oblivion. Some textures are kind of nice but then you look at the texture of what is supposed to be hay, and you kind of throw up a little bit. There just isn't any consistency. You walk into Orzammer and you think it definitely looks like some grand place but then you walk into Redcliffe and it looks so bland! Like there is nothing there! They can't even say that they designed the town to look bland because goodess, Fallout 3 is all about the bland and that environment is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Maybe it seems like complaining but I just think it could've been so much better than it was in the graphics department.

Overall, the game is definitely turning into one of my favorites games. People who like straight to action games are definitely not going to get this game but it really is, to me, an rpg dreamgame.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, Juli told me to get a blog. Although that was a while ago but I'm sitting here bored so why not. I mean, I just have so many fascinating stories to share. -_- Maybe I'll use this to talk about video games. Lord knows that nobody else will talk about them and my parents already think I'm nuts. I'm sure I will find something interesting to say.


I decided that it would be fun for my parents and me to play Would You Rather today since it has been such a boring day anyways. I didn't know how difficult this was going to turn out to be. First, my mother just could not get the directions. No amount of explaining could enlighten her to what the heck was going on. I think she just spent the entire game in a daze, nodding whenever someone said her name. Secondly, my father just can't do anything seriously. Not that the game is meant to be serious but for goodness sake, flinging the die around, watching the sopranos instead of the game, and singing random songs in Italian is not really the most helpful thing to do when your trying to play a game. Anyways, we never finished because they both quit. Goodness gracious.


Alright, so I LOVE Assassin's Creed. I know, I know. I'm jumping on this game a little late but it is seriously great. I love jumping around the rooftops, in third person no less! (I hated Mirror's Edge. How the hell am I supposed to navigate someone across buildings in first person? I can barely aim a gun in that perspective, let alone fling myself off a roof.) I think the random citizens are my favorite part of the game. How they react to you when your flying around is perfect. "What the hell is he doing?" "If he hurts himself, I'm NOT helping." The only thing I can't stand is how sometimes I'll try and hurl myself up a wall to get away from the guards and I somehow end up flying through the air in the opposite direction, usually landing on crowds of people. The beggars and drunks (or are they insane people?) are also TERRIBLE. They were cool the first two times, but after that I just kept assassinating them regardless of the penalty. I'm sure they aren't THAT innocent.


This semester has been pretty tough for me. I have a class that is just absolutely unbearable. The textbook is the most boring and dull thing I have ever read so I'm really behind on the readings. No offense to my professor or anything but, I just do not learn anything in his class. He doesn't teach in a way that helps me learn. I'm more of a "Just lay the facts on me" type of gal and he's all about "looking below the surface". He actually says that constantly, complete with ocean wave hand signals. The bad thing is that his class is required for my major so... I kinda.. just... changed my major! :) I'm officially an art history major now which is really weird but you know, I got A's in both of the art history classes I've taken, so I'm kinda great at it. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?! Anyways, that is the story for now! I'm going to go eat a cookie.